If Al-Karimi services are available in the country you are in or any cash transfer services to Yemen
Please follow the following:
1 - Determine the price of the service you want in Yemeni riyals at the exchange rate today.
(For example, suppose the dollar exchange rate is 614 Yemeni riyals)
The price of 10 group messages is $ 0.99, which means the price of 10 messages in Yemeni riyals is 607.86 Yemeni riyals.
2-Transferring the amount by the service you want. The distinguished number for the chat account in Al-Kuraimi is 1112651. Please inform us if you choose a second method.
In case of transferring to another service, please inform us by email Send email
3-If the transfer was successful, please send a copy or a copy of the operation, or send the reference number to confirm the successful completion of the process to the email Send email
4-In step 3 above, when submitting the proof, please state your name and age on the chat and the service to be added to your account.
If transfer services to Yemen are not available, please contact Ammar about the second method of clarification.

You can use the Post Messages icon on the callers screen and choose which group you want to post your message to the first option for all will be to post your message to all participants, but only for men will be published for those who specify his gender as a male in the chat and ideals for girls only where the message is posted to those who specified his gender as a female in the chat

You can login from chat settings and close notifications. Notifications will only be closed but receiving messages will not stop.

From any menu in the main interface you can click on the word subscriptions
The following subscriptions will be displayed that will set you apart
•   Pin me at the top
•   Hide me
•  Cancel ads
•   View your friend's country
•  Notify me when online
•  Search all lists

You will find the details of each subscription through the application

Top stars It is a special management where the golden star means the general manager and deputy and the Admin
Either silver star means supervisor or room owner
The lower stars are 3 types depending on the type of reaction
A red star may be full, which means that the person is highly reactive and may get free credit
A semi-full star means that the person is moderate
An empty star means that a person is inactive